Why would a home insurance company deny a claim?

Insufficient documentation of the damage Be sure to document the damage or aftermath of the disaster in detail to help prove your case. If you don't provide sufficient evidence (documents, photos, videos, etc.), your insurance company is not required to physically send an appraiser to inspect your home. The company may send an appraiser, contractor, or other professional to inspect the damage to your home. Your insurer has 30 days from the date you filed the claim to inspect the damage to your home.

Insurance companies and agents must cooperate with the investigation of consumer complaints by an insurance commissioner. Your insurance claim may be denied based on the allegation that you failed to properly maintain or care for your home or business and that this contributed to the damage claimed. While every situation is unique, there are several common reasons why insurance companies tend to deny property insurance claims. If you have documents, photographs, or other evidence that refute the insurance company's reasons for denying your claim, submit this information to the insurance company's claims representative or manager.

For example, flood damage caused by heavy rain or hurricanes is usually not covered by a standard home insurance policy, but you must purchase a separate flood insurance policy. If you need help challenging the denial of your insurance claim, consider hiring a public insurance claims counselor or lawyer. If you didn't pay even a month's premiums, an insurance company may have the right to deny your property insurance claim. If the insurance company determines that your coating is defective or not properly maintained, it may refuse to reimburse your insurance payment excluding wear and tear.

Paying your insurance premiums on time will keep your insurance policy active at all times in the event of a disaster. An insurance lawyer can help you gather information and documentation to support your property insurance claim. Leader, Leader, %26 Zucker, PLLC are Fort Lauderdale, Florida insurance claims attorneys who can help you if you think your homeowners insurance claim is being unfairly denied or delayed. If you are an individual with a claim or an insurance lawyer representing a client facing bad faith in insurance matters, contact Surrano law offices in the Phoenix area for qualified, results-oriented representation.

If you don't tell your insurance company about renovations and additions to your home, your insurance policy probably won't cover any damage you suffer.

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