What are the steps of a home insurance claim?

Read their policy to see exactly what their responsibilities are. Here are some steps to get you started. Report any crime to the police. Have the insurance adjuster inspect the damage.

Prepare for the insurance adjuster's visit. Inspect the damage and file a police report if necessary. While you won't need a police report if a natural disaster damages your home, you'll want to file one if your home was raided or destroyed. Keep a record of the police personnel you speak to so that you have additional documentation to submit to your insurance company along with the report.

The sooner you contact your insurance company and begin filling out claim forms, the sooner you can begin the claims resolution process. Whether you have to file claim forms online, by phone, or in person varies depending on the insurance company. Depending on the damage, a home insurance claim can be an emotional process. Understanding your insurance policy and how to file a home insurance claim will help you know what to do next and (hopefully) reduce stress.

You can keep the money left over from paying your claim as long as your insurer doesn't ask for it and you haven't committed insurance fraud for the additional amount. Protect your home the way it protects you by choosing property insurance coverage that fits your needs. Once your claim has been approved and your settlement offer has been accepted, you will receive several checks from your insurance company to pay for home repairs and replace your belongings. If your home isn't insured with the estimated replacement cost, your home policy may not cover the full cost of the reconstruction.

Your claim may also require a visit from an insurance adjuster, especially in the case of major claims involving damage to the structure of your home. The final insurance policy premium for any policy is determined by the insurance company that underwrites it after the application. Insurance companies follow established procedures and knowing them helps the insured to understand the process. If after making those temporary repairs, you'll have to live somewhere else while your home is completely rebuilt, keep all your receipts for hotel stays, restaurant meals, pet accommodations, dry cleaning and other living expenses so that your insurance company covers those bills as well.

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